Sunday Messages


Mark 1:16-20 The grace in the house won’t allow you to stagnate in one place. 1.      Today God has your next level 2.      God has the next level of greatness What you’re doing is good but that’s not your destiny. The grace in the house is that of surprises. What you need: 1.      Distinguish when

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Luke 13: 10 – 13 Some sicknesses are oppressions from the evil one but Jesus is bound  to set you free. Hebrews 10: 38, 1st Samuel 15: 1 – 24, 2nd Corinthians 10: 6 Don’t give excuses or try to be clever. Simply Obey. Mark 7: 6 – 13 You have no excuse when it

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Luke 4: 13 – 30, 1st Kings 17: 1 – 15 The spirit of lightness and mockery cuts off the flow grace. 1. Have an ear to hear. The spirit of will confirm it all to you. Do not throw away counsel. Pick what’s right for and leave the rest. 2. Allow God to crush

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