Mark 1:16-20

The grace in the house won’t allow you to stagnate in one place.

1.      Today God has your next level

2.      God has the next level of greatness

What you’re doing is good but that’s not your destiny.

The grace in the house is that of surprises.

What you need:

1.      Distinguish when God speaks, and when man speaks.

There’s another level that will become a blessing to the whole world.

2.      God’s next level comes with His provision.

He has everything you need to get there.

3.      To get to the next level;
There are things you must leave behind like the people adding no value to your life.

4.      No one ever becomes great without becoming a follower.
Following makes you a great leader.
Psalm 32


To become a follower;

a)      Recognize leadership

b)      Be wise to know that you’ve not been where He is taking you.

Understand that you’re following because you don’t know the destination

Arise and shine. God’s glory is over you.

You are different. Because Jesus brings the difference.


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